Midnight cat makes tracks in deep winter snow.


The card measures 175mm x 125mm, the message inside is 'Happy Christmas'
Printed on nice sturdy white card ,it comes with an envelope and is individually wrapped in cellophane.


About the Artist - 


Helen White is a fine artist, photographer and fabric designer in Berkshire UK. Although her subjects are diverse, she is particularly inspired by moments of radiance and the desire to uplift others by sharing them. A love of flora and of unruly, somewhat mystical gardens and landscapes, and of all the sentient creatures that inhabit the natural world, are also a constant fuel to her inspiration. 

Her oil on canvas artworks hang in private collections internationally whilst her recent work has fused traditional techniques with digital processes, taking it to a brand new level of possibility as she draws upon the most satisfying aspects of these skillsets. She also designs fabrics which are printed to cashmere, silk and other accessories.

Helen White - Making Tracks - Christmas Card

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